The investment that I have made with Finola Mcmanus of Practice Perfect is the best business decision that I have made in recent years. I am extremely pleased with the all advice and guidance given and I am very excited for the future of my practice. Who better to learn from than someone who has been there and done it !!

Adders, Accountants & Taxation Advisors

Having taken over a small practice there were many issues that need to be addressed. We were almost there save probably the most important issue of all, being billing and debt collection. It was our policy to provide a fixed fee for all clients and our billing process was monthly, which was a totally alien concept for the partners of the acquired practice. It was decided that we should bring in a third party to explain more fully what other practices are doing and that’s where Finola came in. It was really helpful that Finola had been through the same experiences as us having acquired a small accountancy firm and within a short space of time turned it around. She was very thorough, very organised and firm when required to be, which is exactly what was needed. We will certainly be using her services again!

2009 Anonymous, Bedfordshire

Dear Finola, We have known each other now for aproximately 7 years. You will recall that when I first came to see you and Robert, you were keen to move your business forward onto the next level and felt restricted by your team’s attitude and efforts. We carried out an in depth survey with your people and discovered that, much to your consternation, most of the problems in your business were as a result of your own and Roberts management styles. You then showed immense courage. You both took the criticism on the chin and decided to challenge the way you did things, starting with yourselves! I have never forgotten how courageous you were in taking that step and the obvious lessons you took from it. Since that time, you took on the mantle of managing your business in an immensely effective way ultimately enabling you to: • Work a 4 day week • Take 10 weeks annual leave a year • Build a fantastic team of people around you, enabling you to rely more on them and also effectively retire from your business with 1 hours notice! Since those initial and subsequent meetings you have developed great skill in helping other accountancy firms in strategic planning (your own firm benefitted from this) and also in the common sense areas enabling improvement in profit and cash flow. I wish you every success in the future and would whole heartedly and happily refer you to other accountancy businesses.

Jonathan Holroyd, P H Partners


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