“We are a three partner firm in North London and would consider ourselves relatively progressive and proactive with our clients. However like most small firms we are busy with each of the partners performing a variety of roles some of which were over lapping. We have always had a wish list of things to do but unfortunately it remained just that, a wish list, as day to day issues always seemed to overtake us. Our random and ad hoc partners meetings paid lip service to our wish list and never really dealt with any significant issues. Having met with Finola 6 months ago we decided to appoint her to chair our partner meetings and the impact has been significant and immediate. To date we have only held 4 partners meetings and from our point of view we are only at the beginning of this process of change. We have seen an increase in recovered partner and staff time and are putting in place new procedures to ensure increased quality control, improved client satisfaction plus additional services and products etc. I am confident that the new shape and structure that Finola has helped us develop will reap benefits and rewards for clients, staff and ultimately, plus most importantly from my point of view, the partners in terms of increased business profitability and value”

Martin Mockler,
Senior Partner Evans Mockler-Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers


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