‘I have known Finola for over 25 years. Earlier in our years as Trainee Accountants together and more recently as a ‘Mentor’ for our practice. When my business partner Ian Stacey joined ‘Hanburys’, he was already using the services of Finola. Reluctantly, I agreed to carry on with the services of Finola as my initial view/reason was that I and the practice would not gain any value as the practice was doing quite nicely without her. After a few meetings, I realised the importance of having someone guide us through our growth and give us valuable new marketing ideas and opportunities. In addition, valuable new contact persons specialising in various fields of taxation, accounting and insolvency were also introduced’.

‘In this ever increasing busy world, it is nice for someone to take a step back, and focus on the ideas that were originally our strength’.

Mr Tushar Desai BA(Hons), FCCA
Principal Director (HANBURYS LIMITED)


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