Finola and I started working together because the business coach I was using was pretty poor at best and certainly lacked an understanding of how an accountancy practice works! Her experience, knowledge, expertise and support have been exemplary and have contributed to the development of me as a leader and my practice in such a huge way that it's actually impossible to quantify! I simply don't know where we'd be without her.

Employing a 3rd party to review my business and hold me to account is one of the best business decisions I have ever made and using an experienced accountant to provide that service really puts the cherry on the icing on the cake. Finola continues to support me and my whole team with invaluable advice and guidance to which I owe her a great deal of gratitude. 

Q. How long have you known Finola and Practice Perfect?
A. 7 years

Q. Why did you want her support initially?
A. The first business coach I started working with spent more time talking about himself and his history than actually trying to help me or my business. Finola’s entire approach was totally different. She’d been there and bought the T-shirt and just wanted to use everything she had learnt in business and particularly in running an award winning accounting practice, to help me and my team prosper. It was a refreshing and exhilarating journey from day 1.

Q. What difference has her support made to you and the business?
A. It’s been transformational. We used to have lots of problems with the team, systems, finances, workflow, lockup, etc and Finola helped by covering everything we were doing wrong and putting us on the right track. She also helped me to improve my personal skills and develop as an effective business leader.

Q. Would you recommend Finola - and why?
A. Yes, undoubtedly because she will help you to improve your practice beyond what you will believe is possible.

Paul Meades FCPA,
Managing Director,
Meades & Company Limited


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